From inside the “The new Serfsons,” Lindsey Naegle and you will Krusty is matchmaking

From inside the “The new Serfsons,” Lindsey Naegle and you will Krusty is matchmaking

Lindsey is understood to be a common youngsters-hater. Outraged at the having repaid higher wreck costs having a specific riot that young people had caused, she formed an enthusiastic anti-youth category, SSCCATAGAPP (Singles, Older people, Childless People and you will Teens and Gays facing Parasitic Mothers), and you will lobbied so you can deprive Springfield of all the kid-friendly anything. The girl promotion almost succeeded, but it try thwarted during the last second when Bart, Lisa, as well as the almost every other kids for the Springfield hugged all the grownups, infecting these with “son micro-organisms.” New grownups folded which have infection and you may became incapable of choose, resulting in the promotion so you can falter. [2]

Lindsey is an alcoholic (she told you very count-of-factly so you can Lenny when she are requested as to why she was at Moe’s Tavern). Regardless of this she actually is your mind of your Alcoholics Private part during the Springfield. [3]

She’s often thought to be a person in new Springfield Republican Team. Yet not, she used to be seen attending a Popular Team meeting. She’s and a person in new Springfield Book Club, and you will was the one who was the cause of city to help you in the long run split in breed of being trapped on dome whenever she threw a book from the Helen Lovejoy, just to for it to miss and you can spill the latest coffee within the brand new adjoining Alcoholics Unknown meeting.

Lindsey will flatly accept items that could well be believed insensitive. She admitted to becoming an intimate predator, [4] as soon as said that she dont cry on account of a botched face lift. [5]

In “Homer Goes to Preparing School”, she actually is a person in this new Doomsday preppers in addition to Gary Chalmers, Herman Hermann, L.T. Smash and you can Lloyd. When Superintendent Chalmers exhibited good rifle extent that makes any human deal with lookup unsafe and threatening (by the place a mad eyebrow appearance for the people’s confronts), he pretended in order to shoot her holding they. She requires just what it are having, and he claims “Your imagine We have gone annoyed with fuel, just weren’t your?”. Lindsey reacts “I wasn’t however, I’m today.” and you will Chalmers pretended in order to shoot this lady a few a great deal more minutes.

Lindsey keeps jumped upwards in lot of capacities, seemingly performing in the yet another jobs every time she looks. Jobs titles features included these system administrator, and profit researcher, economic coordinator, public relations representative, venture capitalist, advertisements administrator, cellular phone providers government, insurance coverage sales professional, and you may exec with the Boy Invention Group. Immediately following she delivered herself (again) to help you Homer and you can Marge, Marge said, “We met you repeatedly, Ms. Naegle. So why do you retain changing operate?” Lindsey flatly answered, “I’m a sexual predator.” [6] The woman organization card reads “Lindsey Naegle: Really does Everything”. [7]

Commercial strategies and you will has an effect on

Because of their role because a business and you can system administrator figure, Lindsey (like any company Chief executive officer or system exec from the news) has a tendency to more than commercialize something that she has creative control of, which causes initially injury to most other characters, based on the spot of your own event.

From inside the “The newest Itchy Scratchy Poochie Show”, Lindsey are the main panel of editors on Itchy Scratchy International, exactly who thought that the character Poochie would be rebellious, features a good amount of emotions, and be “Rasta-fied” of the 10%, plus “proactive” and you can an excellent “totally over the top paradigm”. But not, because of Poochie’s unpopularity to the listeners, Lindsey with the rest of one’s editors propose to kill your off. Even though Homer implores the audience provide Poochie a reasonable opportunity (as opposed to training the new created script), the character is actually edited aside during the last second, making Homer impact deceived, as he put their heart into the reputation the guy voiced. [8]

When you look at the “Womanly Version”, Lindsey informs Krusty the latest Clown the FCC seems you to definitely kids are not understanding sets from The latest Itchy Abrasive Let you know and they you prefer instructional coding. She after that recommend children-depending development let you know entitled “Kidz Information”, in which the system would reduce 10 minutes out of the Krusty the brand new Clown Reveal. During the work at of reports tell you, Lisa Simpson is actually employed given that a reports anchor, if you are Bart is later picked and made a beneficial sportscaster. Once Bart livens in the show, Lindsey encourages him so you can co-point, that makes Lisa envious. Lisa proclaims you to she does not require an effective co-point, Lindsey informs this lady you to Bart features just what she cannot: “Zazz!”, “Zing!”, “Zork!”, and you will “Kapowza!” Even with Lisa’s cause of this trivializes the whole notion of Kidz Newz, her disagreement goes unanswered. After Bart and you may Lisa like to care for the fresh new problems and make a beneficial informative reports program, he’s instantly terminated and only “Brand new Mattel and you can Mars Pub Small Times Choc-O-Robot Hour”. [9]


Lindsey once dated Ned Flanders, nevertheless date is interrupted when she acquired a good fax telling the lady you to she was indicted. The woman is an enthusiastic professional of your own child-100 % free lifestyle, and at some point spearheaded a movement and make Springfield quicker child-amicable. Once romantically connected with Court Roy Snyder, she is a scholar on the Wharton Company School. She is an effective stereotypical higher-government manager, along with her opportunities apparently feature the organization buzzword “synergy”.

Marge advised Homer one to, in the event that she passed away, he’d be permitted to marry Lindsey; this Salinas escort girl is exactly viewed to the a listing at the back of their closet. Ironically, Lindsey was a student in the bank having Marge whenever she provided Homer that it consent. [12]

Non-Canon Looks

Lindsey’s anti-kid thinking try spoofed in the a story within the “Margical History Journey” where she performs Anne Boleyn. She marries Homer, who plays Queen Henry VIII, with the basis she will get pregnant having a boy to have him. But not, she actually is executed immediately following she provides King Henry a child.

When Homer imagines injuries ensuing throughout the a period of time he is actually uninsured, Lindsey Naegle and you can Marge Simpson been making out once they was basically the actual only real ones who survived besides Homer Simpson. [13]

Into the “Treehouse of Nightmare XIX,” regarding the opening away from “Ways to get To come from inside the Dead-Vertising”, she actually is in one of the images for the structures.

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