The wire guy’s keys: Technician declaring to the office for times Warner wire was informing all on Reddit

The wire guy’s keys: Technician declaring to the office for times Warner wire was informing all on Reddit

Somebody saying getting a Time Warner wire technician are spilling keys on Reddit.

Time Warner cable tv, the second-largest service provider of TV and websites in the United States, informed Quartz it is considering the postings. “We’re not able to examine when this people is obviously an existing or former employee,” a spokesman mentioned.

Reddit user cableguy_the started an “Ask Me nothing” (AMA) bond, publishing photographs of their ID badge and uniform as proposed proof his tasks. Their solutions to the concerns to arrive are extremely candid. Check out features (typos maintained).

On Comcast’s pending purchase period Warner Cable:

We wish the merger since the recent people in charge is the worst in current records. Many people acquiring discharged because of impossible metrics. All the electricity might directed at customer service reps and stripped from people that really visit the residences and correct problems . It’s in pretty bad shape while the organization has been work like shit IMHO [in my very humble advice].

Regarding pressure between experts and customer service representatives:

Yea support service staff and techs tend to be combat a war that no-one sees. We hate them, they hate united states. They determine clients the thing is the apparatus whenever it rarely try. We tell users to just overlook exactly what the guy in the phone says because chances are very good, he’s never ever wired a house, installed a drop or solved cable tv.

On what’s really completely wrong together with your relationship:

Don’t think 50percent of exactly what the rep in the telephone lets you know. Only schedule the technology. Allowed him work. He’s done this earlier. The agent just suggestions phones. It’s hardly ever the gear resulting in the problems.

On the key to getting much better assistance:

Whenever a technical arrives ,ask for his supervisors numbers. Tell him it’s just not to lose him but to elevate something. He may contact his sup to be sure its cool but that will assist.

On what’s preventing faster internet install speeds:

Seriously, standard analogue cable. It requires upwards sooo much data transfer . 1 channel per regularity vs bonding several frequencies to supply 8 channels for a downstream and 4 for an upstream . Once we run 100percent electronic tv.. Web will have faster. Furthermore obstruction. If you reside around a college it’s the worst . Grandmother would use their 15 meg for mail and surfing but youthful Johnny college kid sucks up the bandwidth in your community utilizing netflix Billings escort reviews and torrenting and games. Yet they spend the exact same. IMHO what might fix this might be capping information and offering folks uncapped increase.

On the reason why splitting the cable tv connections is an awful idea:

Setting up a splitter to simply attenuate the alert is truly dumb we actually have items known as attenuators that do this without incorporating unneeded splitter. But it is true that excessively alert is equally as bad as insufficient we name that distortion

On whether this Reddit AMA will cost him his work:

I would feel fired dependent on exactly who captures me. I may buy a plus their so very hard to share with making use of ways this business happens to be structured.

As to how Wi-Fi indicators tend to be unreliable, and will end up being vanquished by doorways and walls:

Yes best shown. Plaster structure especially.Solid timber doors, in a basement whenever router is on another floors or vice versa. Wifi try a fickle beast.

On your “broken” wire modem:

Yea I listen to this alot. I would state in confirmed seasons I would state 5per cent with the modems I swapped comprise in fact defective. We would countless canine and pony tv show and merely change it anyhow. The problem is always maybe not equipment related. Modems either work or they don’t. There can be therefore little around. They might be very simple products. You will find show consumers using my personal laptop computer every thing operating fine, next switch back to her gear and every little thing would go to shit. They however demand an innovative new modem..Its insanity.

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